Please read through this page before sending a commission request!


At the moment, I only offer digital commissions!

Commissions usually take around 2-3 weeks to complete, depending on complexity. If you require your commission as gift, please let me know at the start of the process! Send all enquiries to:

When sending a commission request, please include:

  • What you'd like - ie: Inked, Coloured etc. Please use the guide to the right for an idea of what to ask for.
  • Reference images relating to the commission (the more the better!) and any other important information about the image that you'd like.
  • Your PayPal email address

I Will Draw...

  • Humans
  • Anthro
  • Fantasy characters
  • Fan Art
  • Actually, most things... just ask!

I also draw realistic portraits of people and pets, but am not currently offering these as a commission. Please check back later!

I Won't Draw...

  • Pornographic content
  • Major violence & gore (a little gore is fine though)

I reserve the right to refuse any requests for any reason.

You will receive a high resolution file of your commission once it is completed.


All payments are to be made via Paypal. Once I've received all the information I need to start the commission, I will send you a Paypal invoice. I require payment upfront, though I'm happy to offer a payment plan if you need it, especially for larger commissions. All payments are to be made in GBP (£).

Revisions & Cancellations

Once the initial sketch of your commission is complete, I will send it to you for you to agree on, or to ask for revisions. Revisions are only available during the sketching stage. No edits are available once the commission is complete.

Cancellations and refunds are also only offered during the sketching stage. If at any stage I am unable to finish your commission due to personal reasons, you will receive a full refund.

Art Rights

Commissions are for personal use only and are not to be reproduced and sold for profit. You may upload your commission to your personal gallery and use it for personal items.
If you would like to discuss a commercial use commission, please contact me for prices.
You retain all rights to your original characters. I retain the rights to any artwork that I create. If you would like your commission to remain private, please let me know at the start of the commission process.


Please see below for image examples for each section!

Character Art

Includes: Your own characters & fan art.


Bust: £10
Waist: £15
Full Body: £20
Additional Character: +50%

Basic Coloured

Bust: £20
Waist: £30
Full Body: £40
Additional Character: +50%
Simple Background: +£10


Bust: £35
Waist: £45
Full Body: £60
Additional Character: +50%
Simple Background: +£10
Detailed Background: +£20


Here are a few examples of the options above:

Inks + Waist + Additional Character - £22.50

Basic Coloured + Full Body + Simple Background - £50

Detailed + Full Body + Detailed Background - £80

Detailed + Waist + Detailed Background + 4 Additional Waist Characters - £155