Ripley Alden

Name: Ripley Alden
Nicknames: None
Gender: Cis Male
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Age: 30
Birthdate: March 10th
Zodiac Sign: Pisces
Ethnicity: English
Born in: Battersea, London
Lives in: A flat in St Andrew's Place, Rutland, UK
Lives with: Paddy Darnell
Species: Abyssinian Cat
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 170lbs
Eye Color: Blue
Fur Color and Markings: Typical Abyssinian markings
Inner ears, paw pads: Pink
Nose Color: Light brown
Hair Style: Short and curly
Hair Length: Short
Hair Color (Natural): Medium Brown
Hair Color (Current): " "
Hair Color (Options): None

Current Job: Detective Constable for Rutland Police, Part Time Model
Past Jobs: Police Constable for London Met.

Typical Clothing: Work: Usually wears a dark coloured shirt and a tie, with black trousers, and a leather jacket. // Casual: A casual style shirt, or t-shirt, and jeans, with a hoodie.
Piercings: None
Jewelry: Wristwatch
Tattoos: None
Scars: None

Behavioural Characteristics: Kind, caring and smart, though can be a little naive and immature on occasions. Looks up to Paddy as a mentor. Will help anybody who needs it. Good listener.
Mental Illnesses/Disorders: Suffered from low self-esteem and mild anxiety due to being bullied as a child, but he deals with it much better as an adult, though has occasional blips.
Social Tendencies: Enjoys going out for a drink with his friends, either in the local pub or club. A happy, huggy drunk.
Insecurities: His body size
Fears: None

Mother and Father: Father: Famous theatre actor (no name yet) // Mother: Singer (no name yet)
Siblings: Erin Alden (Sister)
Children: None
Pets: None
Significant Other: None
Past Partners (of significance):
Best Friends: Paddy, Fenix, Tanuki, Requiem, Erin
Confides in: Paddy, Erin
Drug User?: No
Smoker?: Yes
Religion: Athiest
Car: None
Hobbies: Reading, watching movies, working out

Color: Blue
Food: Anything
Drink: Coffee
Band: Anything
Music Type: Rock, but anything really.
Movie Genre: Action/Adventure, Comedy

Background: Born to an actor father, and singer mother, Ripley always wanted to be successful like his parents when he grew up. They never pressured him or made him feel bad though, and let him be whatever he wanted. He was a rather chubby kid, and suffered from low self-esteem and anxiety due to being bullied. He worked hard to lose weight and joined the police so that he could make a difference. Models in his spare time.