Paddy Darnell

Name: Patrick Darnell
Nicknames: Paddy (Always uses this, hates his real name)
Gender: Cis Male
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Age: 34
Birthdate: September 4th
Zodiac Sign: Virgo
Ethnicity: English
Born in: Burton-on-Trent, UK
Lives in: In a flat, St Andrew’s Place, Rutland.
Lives with: Ripley
Species: Tuxedo Cat
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 165lbs
Eye Color: Left: Green Right: Brown
Fur Color and Markings: Black with a white muzzle, neck, stomach, hands, feet and tip of tail.
Inner ears, paw pads: Pink
Nose Color: Pink
Hair Style: Short with a short fringe that goes to one side.
Hair Length: Short
Hair Color (Natural): Black with a white streak at the front.
Hair Color (Current): “ ”
Hair Color (Options): None

Current Job: Detective Sergeant for Rutland Police
Past Jobs: Police Constable and Detective Constable for London Met.

Typical Clothing: Work: Usually a shirt and a tie (varying in colours each day), with black trousers. A blue coat, or a grey suit jacket is sometimes worn over the top. // Casual: A casual shirt or polo shirt and jeans. Army green coat if it’s cold.
Piercings: None
Jewelry: Red-framed glasses (short sighted), wristwatch.
Tattoos: None
Scars: Long vertical scar on his left wrist, though it is mostly hidden by fur now.

Behavioural Characteristics: Can seem aloof before you get to know him, but really he’s just a bit wary of strangers. Doesn’t like to make eye contact with people he doesn’t know (unless he has to for work). He has a very dry sense of humour and likes to tease the other members of the Constabulary, particulary Tyler. He has a short temper, but he keeps it mostly in check. A hard worker.
Mental Illnesses/Disorders: PTSD from childhood. Gets migraines and insomnia a lot, because of nightmares.
Social Tendencies: He enjoys going out to the pub with his mates, but he prefers his own company (Ripley is [mostly] an exception). Is slightly socially awkward.
Insecurities: Hates to look weak in front of others.
Fears: Nightmares/flashbacks.

Mother and Father: Mother: Deceased. Father: Unknown
Siblings: None
Children: None
Pets: None
Significant Other: None
Past Partners (of significance): Erin Alden (3 years)
Best Friends: Ripley, Fenix, Ace, Erin.
Confides in: Sometimes Ripley, usually no one.
Drug User?: No
Smoker?: Yes
Religion: Athiest
Car: He has a black unmarked car for work.
Hobbies: Boxing, watching movies

Color: Red
Food: Anything
Drink: Coffee
Band: Not really got one
Music Type: Rock
Movie Genre: Action/Adventure, Comedy

Paddy Darnell was born in Burton-upon-Trent, England, to a poor mother and abusive father. Having grown up in an unhappy household, he liked being at school, and stayed there as long as he could most days. He was bullied for this, as well as being punished by his father after school.
At 14, he took up boxing as a way to try and protect himself from the bullies, and also to stand up to his father for himself and his mother. He became very into the boxing scene, and once he'd left school at 16, he boxed for money in back alley tournaments. A particularly bad fight left him with an eye injury, causing the damaged iris to turn green. His sight eventually returned to normal, but his iris stayed green.
One evening, after a match, Paddy’s father turned up drunk and started at argument with him. A fight ensued, and Paddy was so angry that he put his father in hospital. He was arrested by the police, but ended up getting released due to a sympathetic Inspector, who saw something in him. Upon the Inspector’s request, he quit boxing, and decided to become a police officer.
He traveled to London and went straight into police training to be a Police Constable, which he stayed as for two more years.
He then decided to branch out and be a Detective, so did a year as a Trainee Detective Constable at Snow Hill, and then became a Detective Constable. During his time as a DC, he met Ripley who was in-training as a PC, and Ripley's sister Erin, who was a PC.
He and Erin became close, and were in a relationship for just over 2 years. They mutually broke up because of Paddy's mental health problems.
A year later, Paddy was promoted to Detective Sergeant, with Ripley as his partner. Soon after, they were both transferred to the severely-understaffed Rutland Police.