Fenix Akai

Name: Fenix Akai
Nicknames: Red
Gender: Non-binary (They/Them)
Sexual Orientation: Pansexual
Age: 33
Birthdate: June 3rd
Zodiac Sign: Gemini
Ethnicity: English
Born in: Leicester
Lives in: Rutland, in a decent sized flat
Lives with: Tanuki
Species: Fennec Fox/Wolf
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 125lbs
Eye Color: Blue
Fur Color and Markings: Tan brown with white muzzle and neck.
Inner ears, paw pads: Pink
Nose Color: Black
Hair Style: Slightly wavy. Can be spiky occasionally.
Hair Length: Very short
Hair Color (Natural): Brown
Hair Color (Current): Brown
Hair Color (Options): Has been every colour! Prefers very pale blonde or red.

Current Job: Special Constable for Rutland Police. Also works from home as a Graphic Designer.
Past Job: Petrol Station Attendant.

Typical Clothing: Usually it's just comfy, casual clothes such as a shirt and jeans.
Piercings: Used to have 4 on each ear but doesn't anymore, still has left nipple.
Jewelry: None (aside from the piercing)
Tattoos: Flame tattoo on right wrist, poker symbols on right forearm, X on left wrist, blue star on left hand, red star on right hand, Gemini tattoo on right stomach, wing on right lower leg.
Scars: A few on their left forearm.

Behavioural Characteristics: Generally upbeat and happy, Fenix is friendly, chatty and kind. However, they can stick up for themself and has somewhat of a sharp tongue when annoyed. Enjoys banter with Paddy and Ripley.
Mental Illnesses/Disorders: They are empathic, and therefore can get overwhelmed by everyone elses emotions and needs to have time alone. They also suffers from depression and OCD (intrusive thoughts).
Social Tendencies: Enjoys going out on occasions, but likes their own personal time too.
Insecurities: Whether they're good enough to be a police officer.
Fears: Spiders

Mother and Father: Unknown
Siblings: None
Children: None
Pets: None
Significant Other: Tanuki Sachiko (2008 - Present)
Past Partners (of significance): Kay (2 years)
Best Friends: Tanuki, Requiem, Paddy, Ripley, Erin.
Confides in: Tanuki, Req, occasionally Erin.
Drug User?: No
Smoker?: On occasion (social or stress relief)
Religion: Athiest
Car: Owns a red Suzuki Swift.
Hobbies: Drawing, skating, using the internet, cosplay.

Color: Red
Food: Pizza, chicken, Indian food, Chinese food, sushi.
Drink: Tea
Band: Mesh, The Birthday Massacre, Reel Big Fish, Linkin Park
Music Type: Anything! Literally anything. Rock, Pop, 80s, Electronic, Synth, Metal, Country...
Movie Genre: Action/Adventure, Comedy