Cillian & Carreau

Name: Cillian Ecator
Nicknames: -
Gender: Cis Male
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Age: 33
Birthdate: Unknown
Zodiac Sign: Unknown
Ethnicity: Irish
Born in: Dundalk, Ireland
Lives in: BZR
Lives with: Carreau
Species: Calico Cat
Height: 6'
Weight: 156 lbs
Eye Color: Pink
Fur Color and Markings: White, with blotches of ginger and black/grey.
Inner ears, paw pads: Pink
Nose Color: Pink
Hair Style: Straight
Hair Length: Short
Hair Color (Natural): Brown
Hair Color (Current): “ ”
Hair Color (Options): None

Current Job: Lexx's right hand man.
Past Jobs: Psychologist at a laboratory, Teacher

Typical Clothing: Black shirt and trousers, usually with a white lab coat.
Piercings: None
Jewelry: Always has a rosary with him.
Tattoos: None
Scars: None

Behavioural Characteristics: Cillian is a soft-spoken, warm, introverted person. Although not evil himself, his actions can sometimes seem that way, though they are mostly to do with the orders he has been given from Lexx, or Carreau.
Mental Illnesses/Disorders: It can seem like he has a split personality, but that's only because of Carreau.
Social Tendencies: Prefers to be alone - not that he can really be alone with Carreau always in his head.
Insecurities: None
Fears: That he will be going to Hell when he dies.

Mother and Father: Unknown
Siblings: None
Children: None
Pets: None
Significant Other: None
Past Partners (of significance): None
Best Friends: Carreau
Confides in: Carreau
Drug User?: No
Smoker?: Occasionally
Religion: Catholic
Car: None.
Hobbies: TBC

Color: Black
Food: TBC
Drink: Wine
Band: None
Music Type: TBC
Movie Genre: TBC

Background: Cillian was born in Dundalk, Ireland, and lived and grew up there until he was 6, when his parents died in a car crash. He was taken to England and put into a very strict Catholic school, where he excelled in Science and Psychology, moving to University at the age of 18 to study the subjects further. Upon passing his exams with Double Firsts, Cillian tried his hand at teaching, but found that he couldn't handle the disruptive class he had been given. He moved down to London a little later and found work in a laboratory that studied behaviours and reactions of subjects to mechanical implants, and general testing. His job was to speak with patients after they had been tested on, and to monitor the effects. He almost lost his life when an out of control patient attacked him, strangling him to death with a chain. Cillian found himself in Hell, in front of Lexx. Lexx agreed to let Cillian live, as long as Cillian agreed to work for him, and bonded a demon named Carreau to Cillian forever, who gave him enough strength to recover from the attack. Cillian stayed at the laboratory a little longer, until he was dismissed for strange behaviour, caused by Carreau, his new inner demon.
Cillian now lives in the BZR building where he works for Lexx, bound to him by their agreement. He is technically Lexx's second-in-command, though Carreau despises Lexx. Cillian and Carreau have a very close relationship, and despite being a demon, Carreau allows Cillian to visit the church regularly to pray.